Goose Valley Farm

Hi there, we are the Fahy - Brown family. We moved to south Galway in the summer of 2016. Craig is from Nova Scotia, while Anna's family is from county Galway.

It's a long story involving Japan, Canada, the UK and now Ireland. Suffice it to say we are now settled in our home, nestled between Kilcolgan and Ballinderreen in south Galway with our three children, two chickens, 50 geese and our dog, Bob.
























Here's Bob, the goose-herding wonder dog. He rocks!


















So, here's how we got started. When we bought our house in the summer of 2016, we had the option to buy the 3-acre field behind it. So we did. Since we work from home in our day jobs, we thought to ourselves, how can we best put that space to use?













In March 2017, Craig and the family planted 2,200 trees over two acres of the field through a government forestry scheme. The forester suggested a number of methods for keeping the grass down around the trees, which is an obligation under the scheme. Options include manual cutting (no thanks) or herbicides (nah).

As an off-the-cuff remark, the forester suggested geese because they eat lots of grass, but not trees. The rest is history...

We have since gone on to plant a small fruit orchard, 90 berry bushes, put in a bee hive and raise pigs!