Goose Valley Farm

Welcome to Goose Valley Farm, where a goose never had a better life. 

Depending on the year, we raise geese and pigs. We also have chickens, a bee hive, a number of berry bushes and a small fruit orchard. To top it all off, we have 2,200 trees in our forestry.

We do all of this on 3 acres on the southern tip of Galway Bay, Ireland.

Feel free to follow our progress through the 2018 season. No geese this year I'm afraid, but we are trying our hand at pigs and berry plants. Our small orchard continues to grow, as does the forestry. The bee hive has also been going gangbusters!


Have a look at one of our geese from last year, below.

* Goose prepared by Michelin-star chef JP McMahon, who also took the photo.

We asked Michelin-star chef JP McMahon to have a go at preparing one of our geese in December, 2017. I am sure you can agree the taste almost leaps off the page.

We even managed to garner a bit of attention in the Galway Advertiser late December, 2017 and the Irish Times in March, 2018.